Virtual Tour Of The School

  • Virtual Tour of the School

    Virtual Tour of the School

Welcome to The Oxford School of Drama’s Virtual Tour: click anywhere in either image below to begin.

Welcome to our new tour of the Oxford School of Drama

Here you'll gain virtual access to our theatre, studios, social and study spaces. Free to explore as many times as you wish.

We have added colour coded tags to the tour, so please keep an eye out for these as you go round.

Teal tags provide more information on The Oxford School of Drama courses and use of the different spaces

Orange tags are web links (there is one in the coffee bar)

Green tags will take you from one tour to the other

If you are familiar with these tours - dive straight in! If you are not, then here are the basics. 


Once the tour has launched, press the Play icon: the triangle in the circle at the lower left corner of the tour and sit back to enjoy the show.
To the left of the Play icon is a chevron pointing down to the Highlights Reel. You can click on any of the highlights to explore the location. The first time you do this you will see this. The above graphic is also shown at the end of the tour.

Tools on the lower left of the tour screen:

Open Highlights shows the key images. The chevron is a toggle to open and close this view.
Play will take you on a tour which we have put together. The button toggles to Pause.
Explore 3D Space lets you “walk around”. To get an good overview, use the Dollhouse view.
When you are in the Dollhouse you can rotate the view, zoom in and out and click in the Dollhouse and fly into that space. Experiment with your mouse (left / right / scroll / click and drag) and become an expert at moving around the tour.
View Floor Plan gives you a good overview and like the Dollhouse, is an easy way to navigate by clicking where you want to go.
Interested in the size of the spaces? Explore the measurement tool.

Tools on the lower right of the tour screen:

View Fullscreen (toggle)
View in VR: Further instructions will appear on your screen.

Share this Space: get a link to share the tour. If you want a link right now - here they are:



“Mattertags” (Tags)

We will be adding tags to the tour, so keep an eye out for new ones.

Teal green opens a text box that gives you information about the training at the School.
Orange tags are web links (there is one in the Coffee Bar).
Green tags will take you from one tour to the other.

External 360 Views

Take a look outside by clicking on the 360 icon and look around the panorama (click and drag). You can see all the 360 views from the Dollhouse and Floor Plan views.

You can get back into the tour by clicking on the walking (Explore 3D Space) icon, or any of the controls on the bottom left (Play / Explore 3D Space / Dollhouse View).