• A Day in the life

    A Day in the life

It can be quite hard to picture what life might be like at drama school and whether a particular school is right for you. If you audition here you will spend at least half a day at the school and hopefully this will give you a picture of day-to-day life. The following blogs and interviews with past students will also give you a sense of life at OSD: 


Hannah Lewis attended our Six Month Foundation Course from September 2016 to March 2017. She wrote this blog about her time at the school:


hannah lewis   hannah screenshot


Maimuna Memon is a graduate of our Three Year Acting Course. She is an actor and singer-songwriter. Recent roles include Mary Magdalene in Jesus Christ Superstar at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and in David Bowie’s Lazarus at Kings Cross Theatre. Maimuna has written the music and stars in Wildcard Theatre’s Electrolyte by OSD grad James Meteyard. Electrolyte has been short-listed for an LET Award which offers an emerging company the opportunity to take an exciting, risk-taking piece of theatre to The Pleasance for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018. This is an interview she did with Spotlight about her time at drama school.


Maimuna Memonmaimuna screenshot


Hayley Wareham is a graduate of our One Year Acting Course. She is an actor and writer. As an actor Hayley’s most recent role was in Cardboard Citizen’s acclaimed adaptation of Cathy Come Home which undertook an extensive national tour in 2017.

Hayley Wareham stands out as her resourceful but increasingly frustrated teenage daughter.” **** THE STAGE.

Hayley’s first script for the BBC,

 #WhatKatyDid has just been recorded. This is a blog she wrote for the BBC’s Writers Room about her journey in the industry.


hayley wareham   hayley screenshot

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Sophie Cookson receives rave reviews for Killer Joe in the West End

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Killer Joe starring Orlando Bloom and Sophie Cookson had its press night earlier this month. While critics were divided by Tracy Letts’ black play, Sophie’s performance garnered his praise:

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